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If you have had an injury because of the neglect of someone else, you need to speak to a law firm that deals with personal injury as soon as possible. With a personal injury, many problems can arise ranging from loss of income to pain and suffering and incredibly high bills related to your recovery. These problems deserve to be compensated if you were not at-fault. The costs associated with your accident along with your pain and suffering should be covered by your insurance policy and the at-fault negligent party. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury, claims and accident benefits will fight to get you the money you deserve and ensure you can focus on your recovery and not on the mountain of stress that the bills associated with your recovery can cause.
Types of Accidents Deserving Benefits
There are many different situations where you may qualify for accident benefits from your own insurance policy and/or the at-fault drivers as well. These situations include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, other motorized vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and pedestrian accidents. In any of these cases, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as you or someone in your family is able to in order to get the process started to receiving benefits.
Statutory Accident Benefits and Tort Claims
There are generally two different scenarios that are discussed when a car accident injury occurs: statutory accident benefits and tort claims. In Ontario, statutory accident benefits are a monetary payment available to either party in a car accident from your own insurance provider. Ontario has a ‘no-fault' insurance system, which means that regardless of whether you were responsible, you will receive money to assist in your recovery. A tort claim is one that determines money owed by an at-fault party. It is not a criminal court and does not mean that the person is guilty of a crime, but simply that they need to pay the other party. Most tort claims are settled out of court; however, some do go to trial. A tort claim must prove two criteria in order for you to win a case: that you have sustained a serious and permanent impairment either mentally, psychologically or physically or have sustained some kind of disfigurement.
Why You Need a Lawyer
You need a lawyer because the legal system can be complicated. Making a claim requires a significant amount of paperwork, even from your own insurance provider. A law firm that specializes in personal injury will know what information you need to provide, how to present your case, what you can fight for, as well as what to avoid. A lawyer will provide you with all the information you need to get the most benefits for your injury.
Speaking to a lawyer shortly after a personal injury is a crucial step to assisting with your recovery. The costs associated with an injury can skyrocket and the pain and suffering can disrupt your life permanently. A lawyer will fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve.
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